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Identificando el riesgo en obesidad y depresión en escuelas públicas de lima norte: Midiendo los efectos de intervención tempranaDr. Huber Nieto2018
Prospective usage of the delta functions as possible software in piezoelectric sensors to measure instantaneous signalsDr. Huber Nieto2018
Pedagogical methogolgies for teaching of signal path-loss models applied to power intensity analysis through the usage of Google-SketchupDr. Huber Nieto2018
Sustainable schemes for healthy growth of Colossoma macropomum and its prospective impact on the local economy of northeastern Peruvian citiesDr. Huber Nieto2018
Prospective usage of the internet of bio-nano things for very anticipated detection of proteins in type-2 diabetes patients: Stopping the progress of diabetic nephropathy with nanomedicineDr. Huber Nieto2018
Optimizing the telemedicine services and health informatics from system identification of the risk level in Peruvian Northwestern citiesDr. Huber Nieto2018
Understanding dynamics of combined cycles in energy plants with theories of variables interaction: A pedagogical Approach to the Undergraduate Level of EngineeringDr. Huber Nieto2018
Using the diffusions equation for modeling biological anomalies in the human kidney: When physics faces global diseases at the nano levelDr. Huber Nieto2018
Are Teleconsults Enough Efficient to Tackle the Progress of Type-2 Diabetes and Depress in Adult Patients?Dr. Huber Nieto2018
Continuous Surveillance By Tele-consults Based on Monte Carlo Algorithms to Anticipate and Lessen Risk Levels Due to Type-2 Diabetes ComplicationsDr. Huber Nieto2018
About the Usage of System Identification Methodologies For Climate Risks Analysis Along the Peruvian CoastDr. Huber Nieto2018
Encrypted Communications Through Quantum Key Distributions Algorithms and Bessel FunctionsDr. Huber Nieto2018
Multiple Absorption and Emission of Photons in Strong Laser Fields: The Electrodynamics-Based Path Through the Hartemann-Kerman’s Radiation Intensity EquationDr. Huber Nieto2018
Monte Carlo Simulation of Ab-Initio NanoCommunications From Coulomb-like Electric Forces in Bacteria Populations ChemotaxisDr. Huber Nieto2018
Scheme of Self-Evaluation Applied to Engineering Programs Previous to Accreditation Processes in Emergent Latin American UniversitiesDr. Huber Nieto2018
Attempts to Measure the Bit Error Rate for Accessing Hybrid: Quantum and Classical Networks in Scenarios of the Internet of ThingsDr. Huber Nieto2018
Quantifying and Modeling the Measurement of the Quality of Education in Electrical Engineering Programs: A Heuristic ApproachDr. Huber Nieto2018
A High Energy Photon Collider as a Next-to-Next New Physics Laboratory: Beyond the LHC and ILC Era. Prospective New Scenarios in Particles PhysicsDr. Huber Nieto2018
dentifying and Modeling Psychosocial Risk of Young Population in Large Latin American Cities by Using Shannon Entropy and Random Variable DistributionsDr. Huber Nieto2018
The Input-Output Scheme to Model Financial Fluctuations in Peruvian Stock MarketsDr. Huber Nieto2018
eHealth services based on Monte Carlo algorithms to anticipate and lessen the progress of type-2 diabetesDr. Huber Nieto2018
Nonlinear methodologies for climate studies in the Peruvian Northeast CoastDr. Huber Nieto2018
About the effectiveness of teleconsults to evaluate the progress of type-2 diabetes and depressionDr. Huber Nieto2018
Computational model based on shannon entropy to analyze violence against women: A case study in PeruPh. D. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2018
Applying Shannon Entropy to Analise Health System Level by departments in PeruPh. D. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2018
Evaluation of inclusive websites for children with autism spectrum disorders using the AHP methodPh. D. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2018
Social Impact Assessment on a Renewable Energy Project: A Case Study in PeruPh. D. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2018
Applyng Shannon Entropy to Analise Violence Against Women by Departments in PeruPh. D. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2018
Applying the Grey Systems Theory to Assess Social Impact from an Energy ProjectPh. D. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2018
Comparative Study of Methods to Improve Administrative Processes in a OrganizationPh. D. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2018
A case study for the IONEX CODE-database processing tool software: Ionospheric anomalies before the Mω 8.2 earthquake in Mexico on September 7, 2017M.Sc. Guillermo Zarate Segura2018
Processing Tool for generating Global Ionosphere Maps(GIM)M.Sc. Guillermo Zarate Segura2018
Simulation of the Ion Current in Computational Environment Using PIC MethodM.Sc. Guillermo Zarate Segura2018
Differentiation of brain waves from the movement of the upper and lower extremities of the human bodyB.Sc. Brian Meneses Claudio2018
Study of the Brain Waves for the identification of the Basic Needs of Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisB.Sc. Brian Meneses Claudio2018
Study of the Brain Waves for the differentiation of Gamers category between a Newbie and a Hardcore in the game Dota 1B.Sc. Brian Meneses Claudio2018
Advances and Uses of ICT in Public Health of PeruB.Sc. Brian Meneses Claudio2018
Design of a Radio Frequency Detection System for Mobile PhonesB.Sc. Brian Meneses Claudio2018
Design of a vehicle driver drowsiness detection system through image processing using matlabB.Sc. Brian Meneses Claudio2018
Nivel de plomo sanguíneo y factores asociados en niños residentes de un distrito del CallaoDr. Juan Morales Quispe2018
Actividad física en pacientes con diabetes mellitus del primer nivel de atención de Lima NorteDr. Juan Morales Quispe2018
Exceso de peso y riesgo cardiometabólico en docentes de una universidad de Lima: oportunidad para construir entornos saludablesDr. Juan Morales Quispe2018
Localized increment and decrement in the total electron content of the ionosphere as a response to the April 20, 2018, geomagnetic stormDr. Carlos Sotomayor Beltrán 2018
Obesity among peruvian children under five years of age in 2017: A geographic information system analysisDr. Carlos Sotomayor Beltrán2018
A spatial assessment of anemia among Peruvian children aged 6 months to 5 years between 2016 and 2017Dr. Carlos Sotomayor Beltrán2018
Anemia During Pregnancy in Peru in 2017: A Geographic Information System StudyDr. Carlos Sotomayor Beltrán 2018
Hunters and hunting across indigenous and colonist communities at the forest-agriculture interface: An ethnozoological study from the Peruvian AmazonM.Sc.Vincet Bax2018
The impact of geographical range refinement on the irreplaceability of biodiversity using the Simulated Annealing algorithm implemented in MARXANM.Sc.Vincet Bax2018
Mapping the risk of forest fires in Peru's Amazon and Andean forest regions using the AdaBoost algorithm and Geographic Information SystemsM.Sc.Vincet Bax2018
Comparative approach on structural equation modeling software applicationsDra. Rosmery Ramos Sandoval2018
Career planning development in system engineering studentsDra. Rosmery Ramos Sandoval2018
Innovative capabilities of users of agricultural R&D servicesDra. Rosmery Ramos Sandoval2018
Do research and extension services improve small farmers’ perceived performance?Dra. Rosmery Ramos Sandoval2018
Detection of Minerals Through the Processing of Satellite ImagesPh.D. Avid Roman Gonzalez2018
Classification of Two Mental Tasks Base on Kohonen’s Self-Organizing Map Implanted in a Microcontroller ARMPh.D. Avid Roman Gonzalez2018
Scientific Production in the 50 First Universities Licensed by SUNEDUPh.D. Avid Roman Gonzalez2018
Implementation of a basic sonar of echolocation for education in telecommunicationsPh.D. Avid Roman Gonzalez2018
Implementation of an asynchronous mobile system for the diagnosis of melanoma in CallaoM.Sc. Alicia Alva Mantari2018
Quantitative Exploratory Study of the presence of the variation of the ionosphere load before earthquakes greater than M7.0 degree in the world during 2015M.Sc. Alicia Alva Mantari2018
Raise of Awareness for Blood Donation Campaigns on University Campuses in Lima, PeruM.Sc. Alicia Alva Mantari2018
Descriptive Study of the Ionosphere Charge Variation as a Preamble of Worldwide Earthquakes during 2016M.Sc. Alicia Alva Mantari2018
A New Path to Predict Succeptibility of Cocoa Pod Against Carmenta foraseminis (Busck) Eichlin Using a Mathematical ModelM.Sc. Martín Soto Córdova2018
Technology Push: Approach for Innovation in Peruvian CompaniesM.Sc. Martín Soto Córdova2018
Evaluation of the National Optical Fiber Backbone Network Model for the Universal Internet access in PeruM.Sc. Martín Soto Córdova2018
A Theoretical-Methodological Proposal for Research in Humanities. A New Approach to the Rereading of Homer and the Classics from the Rhetorical-Semiotic Study of PassionsM.Sc. Milton Gonzales Macavilca2018
Social cognitive career theory: A qualitative approach in Peruvian engineering female studentsPsic. Jano Ramos Díaz2018
An Exploratory Study on Motivational Predictors in Internet Gaming Disorder among Peruvian GamersPsic. Jano Ramos Díaz2018
Excessive gaming and internet use: Preliminary results with anxiety and depression among highly engaged Peruvian gamersPsic. Jano Ramos Díaz2018
Design of a 3D Printer and Integrated Supply SystemB.Sc. Victor Romero Alva2018
Analysis of Vehicle Flow Using Auto Vehicle CountingB.Sc. Eliseo Chávez Alarcón2018
Segmentation of the Lobular Cleft of the Ear Related to CardiopathyB.Sc. Eliseo Chávez Alarcón2018
Implementation of a mechanical-electronic system for children from 7 to 11 years old with Duchenne muscular dystrophyBch. Martha Medina De la Cruz2018
Implementation of an evaluation system to measure air quality on public transport routes using the Internet of ThingsBch. Martha Medina De la Cruz2018
Implementation of a System for the Evaluation of Environmental Factors that Use the Internet of ThingsBch. Martha Medina De la Cruz2018
Low Cost Air Quality Measurement System Using Light Scattering SensorsM.Sc. Natalia Vargas Cuentas2018
Integrable systems and spin gapDra. Virginia Torres Santos2018
Open Data and Open Source GIS in Green Government Applications: Assessing Peruvian Amazon DeforestationM.Sc.Vincet Bax2018
Environmental predictors of forest change: An analysis of natural predisposition to deforestation in the tropical Andes region, Peru.M.Sc.Vincet Bax2018
Chagas disease study using satellite image processing: A Bolivian case.Ing. Natalia Vargas Cuentas2018
The Different Dimensions of Livelihood Impacts of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) Schemes: A Systematic Review.M.Sc.Vincet Bax2018
Peruvian women in egineering: a social cognitive career theory approach.Dra. Rosmery Ramos Sandoval2018
Peruvian teachers beliefs and strategies in elementary schools: an exploratory study.Ps. Jano Ramos Díaz2018
Anticipating diabetic kidney disease through measurements of albumin in diabetes patientsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Can the nano level electrodynamics explain the very early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy in type-2 diabetes patients?Dr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Evaluating the quality of service of the Internet of Bio-Nano Things in possible scenarios of applicability in the nanomedicineDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Brain computer interface to answer yes-no questionsDr. Avid Román González2017
Facial image processing for sleepiness estimationIng. Natalia Vargas Cuentas2017
Why do any secondary students prefer the mathematics? A response using grey systemsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Prospective Implementation of Topics Related to the Internet of Bio-Nano Things in the Capstone Project in the Electrical Engineering ProgramDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Modeling the Measurement of the Quality of Education Through the Full Evaluation of Capstone Project in the Program of Electrical EngineeringDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Spread spectrum orthogonalization of superimposed training signals in OFDM systemsDr. Julio César Manco Vásquez2017
Proposal of a telecare system for monitoring glucose anomalous behavior in type-2 diabetes patientsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Merging nanocommunications topics in the electrical and network engineering programs of peruvian universitiesDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Mathematical methodologies for the measurement of the quality of education in engineering programs in PeruDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Monte Carlo simulation for the very anticipated detection of charged giants proteins in type-2 diabetes patients based on the internet of bio-nano thingsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Implementation of a wireless system for the processing and comparison of cerebral waves of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis through MATLAB identifying their basic needsBch. Brian Meneses Claudio2017
Implementation of a brain-machine interface for controlling a wheelchairBch. Witman Alvarado Díaz2017
Understanding the beginning of diabetic nephropathy with electric potentials and repulsion forces around the renal glomerulus in the human kidneyDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Experiences on the quality of education assessment in a network engineering program in Lima cityDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Artificial intelligence model based on grey systems to assess water quality from Santa river watershedDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2017
Applying triangular whitenization weight functions to assess water quality of main affluents of Rimac riverDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2017
Environmental conflict analysis on a hydrocarbon exploration project using the Shannon entropyDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2017
Applying grey systems and shannon entropy to social impact assessment and environmental conflict analysisDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2017
Citizen criminality assessment in lima city using the grey clustering methodDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2017
Social conflict analysis on a mining project using shannon entropyDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2017
Application of mixed distributed software architectures for social-productive projects management in peruDr(c). Jorge Valenzuela Posadas2017
Generalization of the classical delay-and-sum technique by using nonlinear dirac-delta functionsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Modeling the nonlinear behavior of glucose by using the nonlinear step-functionsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Radiation intensity of base station antenna from Ad Hoc complex bessel functions seriesDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Model of a QoS based on convolutions for a network based on the Internet of Bio-Nano ThingsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
A note about the usage of the computational simulation in the undergraduate courses in the programs of electrical and biomedical engineeringDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Modeling the dynamics of failure of the electric shield at the renal glomerulusDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Prospects for anticipating kidney damage in type-2 diabetes patients through the sensing of albumin passing through the renal glomerulusDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
Modeling the electric degradation of podocytes and detection of albumin for the early diagnostics of the glomerulus's damageDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
RASUS: Rapid Assistance System through Uber-inspired Software for localization on-line of nurses and doctorsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2017
A study of a possible scenario of Zika virus outbreak and rapid intervention using a mathematical and computational simulationDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Designing a web platform paradigm for satellite image based on user preferencesDr. Avid Román González2016
INCA Program for developing a nanosatellite at the UCHDr. Avid Román González2016
Nanosatellites: Actual mission that can performDr. Avid Román González2016
Space market facing the economic growth in South American countriesDr. Avid Román González2016
Monte Carlo simulation for prediction of worsening conditions of type-2 diabetes patients at peri-urban zones of lima cityDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Computational simulation for identification, evaluation and relocation of pregnant women in a possible zika infection outbreak in South American citiesDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Simulation of the model predictive control applied to a combined cycle plantDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Integral and transformative engineering coursework in formative research for undergraduate curriculaDr. Carlos Mugruza Vassallo2016
Social impact assessment on a hydrocarbon proyect using triangular whitenization weight functionsDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2016
Applying shannon entropy to select alternative plants as food for livestock: A case study in EcuadorDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2016
Improving teaching and learning in systems programming courses using participatory action researchDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2016
An E-healthcare system to prevent the renal disease of diabetic patients belonging to Peri-urban areas of large citiesDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Measurement of the probability of call completion with the Dirac-Delta convolution Dr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Classical compton scattering with high intensity twisted fieldsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Level of physical activity among adolescents in a district of the callao regionMg. Juan Morales Quispe2016
Algorithm and rapid intervention to attenuate Zika virus outbreak in large citiesDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Prospects of model predictive control of the drum level at a 225 MW combined cycle power plantDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Evaluation of type-2 diabetes progress in adult patients by using predictive algorithmsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Modeling and Monte Carlo simulation of call completion success probabilities under the input-output schemeDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
How effective are teleconsults to persuade patients of pulmonary tuberculosis of avoiding to use public transport at Lima City?Dr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016
Different regressors for linear modelling of ElectroEncephaloGraphic recordings in visual and auditory tasksDr. Carlos Mugruza Vassallo2016
Testing an eHealth model to reduce unexpected cardiovascular events and depress episodes in type-2 diabetes patients of peri-urban areas of Lima cityDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2016 
Environmental conflict analysis using an integrated grey clustering and entropy-weight method: A case study of a mining project in PeruDr. Alexi Delgado Villanueva2016
Aerospace technology in Peru.Avid Roman-Gonzalez2015
Mars desert research station: Crew 138Dr. Avid Román González2015
Automatic terminal information system for El Alto airportDr. Avid Román González2015
A closed-form expression for the received power through the usage of the Dirac-Delta functions with nonlinear argumentDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2015
Preventing Risk Situations at Type-II Diabetes Mellitus Patients Through Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Prediction-Based TeleconsultsDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2015
Predictive Control of the mineral particle size with kernel-reduced volterra models in a balls mill grinding circuitDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2015
Prospects and expectations of ehealth services in north-lima from mathematical modeling and computational simulationDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2015
Testing a predictive control with stochastic model in a balls mill grinding circuitDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2014 
The Dirac-Delta functions for signal path-loss modeling at mid-sized urban areasDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2014
Specific absorption radiation measurement of anomalous Bessel-Hankel fields by base stations antennasDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2014
QoS evaluation for end user mobility for accessing classical and QKD networksDr. Huber Nieto Chaupis2014
Metalinguistic knowledge and correct use of accent markLic. Luis Alberto Mamani Quispe2013

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